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Decorative curtain rods made of black wrought iron.

Adjustable Long Curtain Rods for Window Treatments

Acorn Leaf Curtain Rod

The adjustable long curtain rods for window treatments measure between 61 and 112 inches with a half inch diameter.  They are made with black durable wrought iron.  Perfect for a living room, bedroom or den area that needs a longer length curtain rod. These long curtain rods have two equal pieces that slide over each […]

Decorative Curtain Rods


See our decorative curtain rods made of durable wrought iron.  There are many different styles such as the Fleur-de-lis, scroll, leaf, Remington, acorn leaf, butterfly, dragonfly, hummingbird, Victorian key and many more. These decorative curtain rods come in four different lengths such as short, medium, long and extra long curtain rods. See Decorative Curtains Rods

Short Crane Curtain Rods for Small Windows

Short Crane Curtain Rods for Small Windows

For smaller windows, short Crane Curtain Rods are perfect for a kitchen, bath or bedroom window. These short curtain rods are the perfect answer for a smaller window with limited space. Crane curtain rods are short, very convenient and they swivel. The pivoting motion of these crane curtain rods will allow the rods to swivel […]

Choosing Curtain Rods for a Kids Bedroom

Butterfly Curtain Rod

Choosing curtain rods for a kid’s bedroom can be fun and whimsical. We suggest butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies. Decorating can be a challenge when it comes to a child’s room, but it can be colorful and full of imagination. We suggest for a little girls room, choosing a Butterfly Curtain Rod to hang in her […]