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Decorative curtain rods made of black wrought iron.

How to Layer Double Triple Curtain Rods


In order to double or triple layer curtain rods, you need durable curtain brackets that will hold them securely in place. The Triple curtain rod set supports three different layers of drapery of your taste. Adds a nice design and refined touch to window treatments. Includes two 13/16″ adjustable curtain rods and one 5/8″ back[…]

Decorative Curtain Rods

Black Curtain Rod

See our decorative curtain rods made of durable wrought iron. Perfect for unique decorating ideas. These decorative curtain rods come in four different lengths such as short, medium and long. The short decorative curtain rods measure 21 to 35 inches. The medium length curtain rods measure 36 to 60 inches. There are many different styles[…]

Small Bath Window Treatments

Small bath window treatments are perfect for short iron curtain rods. Decorate bathroom windows with pretty, novelty curtain rods with interesting finials on the ends such as leaves or butterflies. These short curtain rods will brighten up any bathroom window treatment for a cheerful environment. Create a graceful and dainty setting by adding lovely curtain[…]