How To Install Curtain Holdbacks

wall mounted curtain tiebacks

If you are using wall mount curtain holdbacks or tieback curtain brackets, they are easy to install. The wrought iron curtain tiebacks are reliable because they are sturdy and strong. These iron curtain brackets can withstand the weight of the fabric, if you have heavy drapes. Position the curtain brackets to the wall where you want the curtains to be held in place. With an electric screwdriver, mount the brackets in place. The wall mount tiebacks come with mounting hardware. Once the bracket hardware is securely in place, test the weight of your curtains by placing the fabric inside the curvature of the bracket. The strong brackets will hold the curtains tightly. There are many beautiful themed tiebacks to choose from. They are decorative as well as functional. If you are installing swag drapes, then you will use the swag holder curtain brackets. These particular swag curtain brackets will be installed at the top of the window treatments.

leaf curtain tiebacks
wall mounted leaf curtain tiebacks