Install Pretty Curtain Tie Backs

boho curtain tiebacks

Install pretty curtain tie backs to add a beautiful design to plain window treatments. The wall mount tie backs create a nice change for a lovely window treatment setting. Perfect for a living room, bath or bedroom. The colorful boho curtain tie backs or “often called curtain holdbacks” are easy to install and will neatly hold back your drapes. Some tiebacks are mounted to the wall and will securely hold back heavy curtains. And some holdbacks are cords and fabric that just tie around the drapes. The wall mounted tie backs are durable because of their sturdy iron strength which enables them to hold the weight of the drapes. They can be also used to hold back shower curtains in the bath. There are many decorative designs to choose from.

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curtain tiebacks
wall mounted curtain tiebacks
leaf curtain tiebacks
orange curtain tiebacks